Why Is Your Boiler Not Working?

So you are in the bathroom ready for a warm bath. But wait, there is no hot water coming out of the shower? This can be very frustrating and heartbreaking. However, before you rush out to your phone and make a call to an appliance repair expert, here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take to figure out why your boiler is not working.

Error Code

If you are not getting hot water or your boiler is not working, the first thing to do is to check the control panel of the boiler. If the problem lies there, then the color of the display would be different than usual and there would be an error code. Refer to the boiler’s user manual to figure out what does the error code mean.

Problem with water, electricity or gas supply

If you are using a gas boiler, make sure you have an adequate gas supply to make it work. To check for gas supply turn on your gas stove and see is its working.

If there is not enough water available for the boiler then how will you take a hot bath? Check for leakage or any other issue with the water supply.

The boiler will not work at all if the electricity is out. Therefore, check the other sockets to make sure you are getting the power supply. Take a look at the circuit breaker, sometimes it might trip, cutting you off with the electricity.

Thermostat Setting

It may happen that someone changed the thermostat setting of the boiler on purpose or by mistake and you were unaware of the change. Check the configuration and set the temperature to a reasonable value.

If your boiler is still not working, even after carrying out all these troubleshooting steps, you will need help from an expert. Call Appliance Home service on 281-656-8428 to get assistance from appliance service professionals.

Disclaimer- These blogs are for information purposes only. Due to high voltages, following these tips and doing it yourself could be fatal and may cause serious injuries. Please call professionals to handle all electronic repairs.