What is the average life of a dishwasher?

You can find a dishwasher in almost every kitchen; because they take away your biggest fear to wash the dishes after a family dinner or party. Like other appliances, the life of a dishwasher can be predicted. The average life of a dishwasher spans over seven to twelve years but it also depends on the model you use. However, does the life of your dishwasher also depend upon something you might be ignoring?

The life of your appliance depends upon many factors such as:

  • Quality – high-quality appliances run with greater efficiency because they are made of good materials, and they pass strict quality-control tests. The price is usually high, but it pays off in the long run.
  • Usage – Anything handled with care lasts longer. If you use your washer more frequently, it might require more repairs. Therefore for longer life, minimize your usage to five or fewer times a week.
  • Maintenance – properly clean your dishwasher every few days and pay special attention to door seals. Food particles and moister gather around the door seal, which helps in the growth of mold and causes bad odors.
  • Food residues- Make sure to remove solid food residues from dishes before loading them into a dishwasher. Hard objects can block the drain pipe and damage the filter. Keeping the filter clean also increases its life.
  • Overloading. Using it in a rough manner can cause more wear and tear and decrease the average life of a dishwasher.
  • Hard water- can leave mineral residues on the inside of the dishwasher and can cause discoloration. Similarly, it can also clog the spray nozzles. Use a cleaning chemical to remove the residues and clean the nozzles with a toothpick.

Careful use will help your dishwasher live longer, however, if your dishwasher needs a repair, call Appliance Home Service on 281-656-8428 and get professional help.

Disclaimer- These blogs are for information purposes only. Due to high voltages, following these tips and doing it yourself could be fatal and may cause serious injuries. Please call professionals to handle all electronic repairs.