Need Sub Zero Repair? Call Appliance Home Service

Sub Zero is known for its high-quality appliances. But like any other piece of machinery, a Sub Zero appliance can sometimes develop problems – no matter how well it’s made. If you’re having problems with yours, get in touch with Appliance Home Service. Here are just a few ways we can help.


If your Sub Zero refrigerator isn’t getting cold enough, is leaking water or is having any other type of issue, Appliance Home Service is staffed with experts who can help. The best way to avoid serious problems is to have us come out on a regular basis to perform maintenance. We’ll be able to spot minor issues before they become a major hassle.


Is your Sub Zero freezer acting up? We’re here for you. We keep a large stock of replacement parts, so we will be able to fix your freezer quickly and efficiently. Whether your freezer isn’t cooling properly, has a worn or broken gasket, or has anything else wrong with it, you’ll be able to count on us to take care of it.

Ice Makers

When the weather’s hot and humid in Houston, the last thing you want to have to deal with is an ice maker that isn’t working right. Is the unit not producing ice? Does it take longer than normal to make ice? Is it making strange noises? Get in touch with Appliance Home Service. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and make whatever repairs are needed.

Appliance Home Service professionals have years of experience in Sub Zero appliance repair. Call 281-656-8428 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Disclaimer- These blogs are for information purposes only. Due to high voltages, following these tips and doing it yourself could be fatal and may cause serious injuries. Please call professionals to handle all electronic repairs.