Is Your Dryer Testing Your Anger Management Abilities?

A dryer uses a simple technique to dry your clothes. The wet clothes are rotated by an inner drum, while heated air is passed through them to absorb the moisture. Like any other electrical instrument, your dryer can also run into issues. Sometimes your dryer might make weird sounds or abnormal vibration, or other times, you might complain that your dryer is not turning on. Let us take a closer look at some of the problems with your dryer and the possible solutions.

Dryer Not Heating

If you have an electric dryer that is turning on but not heating, the reason could be a faulty heating element. A break in the electrical circuit can stop the dryer from heating. The quickest possible solution is to replace the old heating element with a new one.

On the other hand, if a gas heater is running but not heating, it could be due to a blown-up thermal fuse due to overheating. Just like the electrical heater, replacing the thermal fuse is the best possible solution. Whatever the case, call repair professionals to make the installments.

Dryer not turning on     

There are many reasons for the dryer not turning on. The first thing to check is the power source because it can be the culprit, not the dryer itself. If the dryer is properly plugged in, the circuit breaker might be tripped, so flip it off then turn it on again.

There might be some other issue with the dryer as well stopping it from turning on, such as:

  • If you don’t properly close the dryer door, the door switch might not activate. Or the reason could be a faulty door switch that needs to be replaced.
  • Some dryers come with a dial timer and a broken push to start switch can prevent the dryer from starting.
  • A fault in the circuit board of electronically controlled dryers can also prevent it from turning on.

If you are facing any of the above issues, call repair service experts like Appliance Home Service for an immediate fixture. For an appointment, call us at 281-656-8428.