How to Fix the Noise in Garbage Disposal

It’s never good to hear weird noises coming out of your perfectly running garbage disposal. If you hear any strange noise, then immediately turn off your garbage disposal to avoid damage to the machine. The sound can be of a hard object like a bone, broken piece of utensil inside the canister. The noise can also be due to a loose bearing in the motor; however, the noise from a loose bearing and the hard object are very different.

Let’s discuss the causes and fixes for noisy garbage disposal.

Noise Due To Fallen Object

Many people get goosebumps thinking about the blades inside the garbage disposal. They believe that the blades are right there, cut whatever goes inside, but it doesn’t. The job of the metal object at the bottom of the canister is to fling the food against its side, and that is where the shredding happens. If something hard falls inside the disposal, it gets flung repeatedly and makes a loud noise. There is no shredding taking place; therefore, there is no effect on the shredder blades.

The simple repair is to remove the object carefully, and everything will be fine. But never put your hand inside the garbage disposal, you might hurt yourself or the disposal. Always call service experts to handle situations like these.

A rattling or grinding sound

If you hear a rattling sound, it can be due to a problem with the unit itself. The noise is usually persistent, but there are very fewer vibrations as compared to what a fallen object can produce. One of the reasons for such noise can be a loose impeller plate. The impeller plates spin, but should not move back and forth. But if they do, then it might be due to loose screws holding them. Unfortunately, you cannot tighten them without disassembling the garbage disposal, so it’s time to call service professionals.

If your garbage disposal is making strange noises, call Appliance Home Service on 281-656-8428 and get an instant fix.