Dishwasher Not Cleaning the Dishes Properly?

Dishwashers are favorites of moms. They save a lot of time, effort, and hassle. However, if your dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly, there is nothing to worry about. Appliance Home Service is always ready to serve you. Let us jump into the details of what might be causing the improper cleaning of dishes and the possible solutions.

Debris and residue build-up 

Dishwasher use tap water for cleaning. So if your area has hard water supply, there is a good chance that your dishes will appear spotty and unwashed. Look at the inside of your dishwasher, and if you find a chalky, rust-colored residue on the wall of your dishwasher, hard water is the culprit here. Controlling the type of water in your area is not in your hands. Therefore, the only thing you can do is to use the right kind of dishwasher detergent. Look for one that contains water softening properties so that the washed dishes can look clean.

Clogged spray arms 

The spray arms shower the hot water to clean the dishes. Sometimes the spray arms are struck by the dishes or are clogged, due to which they are unable to function properly. Before turning on the dishwasher, set the dishes properly and make sure that the spray arms move freely. Though people living in areas with hard water face frequent issues of clogged spray arms, sometimes it can also happen due to food debris. The solution here is to clean the spray armholes. But we recommend you not to do it yourself, or you might end up damaging it. Just give us a call on 281-656-8428 and leave the rest on us.

Water hoses and inlets

A faulty or leaking inlet hose can prevent the proper supply of water to the dishwasher and lead to awful cleaning of dishes. Check at the back of your dishwasher for such a case, and if you find it, it is time to call service professionals.

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