Dishwashers are favorites of moms. They save a lot of time, effort, and hassle. However, if your dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly, there is nothing to worry about. Appliance Home Service is always ready to serve you. Let us jump into the details of what might be causing the improper cleaning of dishes … Continue reading “Dishwasher Not Cleaning the Dishes Properly?”

If you notice water coming from your dishwasher, there are a lot of reasons this might be happening. Regardless of why your dishwasher is leaking, you should never try to fix it on your own. Get in touch with a professional at Appliance Home Service instead. Obstructions There could be some sort of clog in … Continue reading “Is Your Dishwasher Leaking? Here are Some Possible Reasons Why”

Many do-it-yourselfers think they can work on their dishwashers even if they don’t have experience. Please don’t be one of them. You could easily make a mistake that could permanently damage your appliance, or worse yet, hurt yourself or someone else. If you notice any of the following, make an appointment to let an expert … Continue reading “Signs You Need a Pro to Work on Your Dishwasher”